Contractor For Construction Services In Commercial & Residential
Shal Builders has been providing construction services for more than 15 years, our teams are experts on working with any type of project wether is restoration or new, commercial or residential.
Among other disciplines, we are experienced in developing a complete and coordinated building package.
Our Services Include
  • Design - Build Package.
  • Partial.
  • Phasing.
  • Complete.
  • Development of Design Drawings.
  • Development of a complete bid specification package
  • Provision of construction review services, etc.

We are also experienced with the development of pre-purchased materials specifications, often required for a client's budgetary issues and time constraints. As part of a pre-purchase planning process, we have evaluated bid packages and negotiated with materials vendors on the client's behalf.

Feel free to contact one of our team members to discuss your projects and help you with general cost ideas.

301-789-3293 or 202-492-4443 email.
Fax: 240-312-2100

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